# Command Line Arguments

NIO has optional command line arguments to override default application behavior. Please note, most of these should be used on special instructions by Paramethod support and can produce visual artifacts and have a severe negative impact on the application performance.

Argument Description
DisableHardwarePaint Disable the hardware acceleration to draw forms, grids and other controls.
Graphic <GraphicEngineOption> Use this option to override the application's configured graphic engine in case of visual problems in the 3D views.

Available options: DirectX, OpenGL, Software
Help Shows the command line arguments help dialog.
NoSplash Hides the application startup splash screen.


NIO.exe [-DisableHardwarePaint] [-Graphic <GraphicEngineOption>] [-Help] [-NoSplash]


Start NIO in OpenGL rendering
NIO.exe -Graphic opengl
Start NIO in software rendering and no splash screen
NIO.exe -Graphic software -NoSplash
Shows the NIO command line argumetns help dialog
NIO.exe -Help