# Identifier Sequences


When creating items in NIO, a default unique identifier is automatically generated and assigned to the new item. An identifier is composed of two sections: the prefix and the counter. The prefix is a fixed sequence of characters, while the counter is a whole number that is automatically incremented when a new object is created. The Identifier Sequence can be used to customize the prefix and counter, formatting digits of each item type.

# Identifier Sequences Module

From the Identifier Sequences module, you can edit sequences.

The Identifier Sequences module can be accessed from the View tab and the Modules drop down.

Item Name Description
Open Opens the detail view of the selected identifier sequence. This is the equivalent of double-clicking a row in the list view.

# Identifier Sequences List View

Double-click to open the sequence you wish to view or edit.

# Identifier Sequence Detail View

Edit an existing sequence.

Item Name Description
Target Type Read only. The item type that this identifier sequence will be used for.
Prefix The fixed section of the identifier and can contain any character including dashes and spaces.
Digits The number of digits the counter section of the identifier will be formatted to. For example: A 4-digit identifier would generate the following ID: Prefix-0001, Prefix-0002 and so on.
Example Read only. A live preview of what a generated identifier would look like.
OK Save and confirm your changes and close the dialog.
Cancel Cancel any change and close the dialog.