# Sheet Formats


A Sheet Format is the shape and size of a specific material at a specific thickness. It is generally the unit in which your raw materials are stored in inventory and consumed at the cutting operation.

NIO supports two types of Sheet Format:

Rectangular Sheet

This is the most common type of format. Ideal to represent sheets and rolls.

Custom Sheet

This format takes a CAD file to define the sheet boundary. Use this format if your material or remnant comes in odd shapes.

# Sheet Formats Module

From the Sheet Formats module, you can create, copy, edit, and delete sheet formats.

The Sheet Format module can be accessed from the View tab and the Modules drop down.

Item Name Description
New Rectangular Sheet Create a new rectangular sheet starting from the empty template.
New Custom Sheet Create a new custom sheet starting from the empty template.
Copy Sheet Format Create a new sheet by copying an existing one.
Open Opens the detail view of the selected sheet. This is the equivalent of double-clicking a row in the list view.
Delete Deletes the selected sheet.
Export CAD File Exports the selected sheet CAD file. For more information see this article.

# Sheet Formats List View

Double-click to open the format you wish to view or edit.

The detail view opened will depend on the type of sheet that was selected or created: Rectangular Sheet or Custom Sheet.