# Kits


A Kit groups several orderable items like other kits and parts into a single orderable entity defined by a unique identifier. It greatly simplifies the ordering process, and it is useful to test various lotting scenarios and the impact on material usage.

# Kits Module

From the Kits module, you can create, copy, edit, delete, and order kits.

The Kits module can be accessed from the View tab, and the Modules drop down.

Item Name Description
New Kit Create a new kit starting from the empty template.
Copy Kit Create a new kit by copying an existing one.
Open Opens the detail view of the selected kit. This is the equivalent of double-clicking a row in the list view.
Delete Deletes the selected kit.
Add to Order Add the selected kits to a new or existing draft order. For details see Add to Order.

# Kits List View

Double-click to open the kit you wish to view or edit.

# Kit Detail View

Edit an existing kit or enter the information to define a new one.

Item Name Description
ID The unique identifier of the kit. Because this identifier is used to order nestable components, it must be unique amongst all of the kits and parts. This typically corresponds to the part number in your ERP system.
Description Optional additional information to describe this kit.
Part Quantity The total quantity of parts composing this kit.
Material Quantity The quantity of different materials used by the items of this kit. This corresponds to the number of nesting jobs that will be generated to nest that kit.
Lines The list of kit lines composing this kit.