# Notifications


When a nesting operation completes, NIO will temporarily show a toast notification in the bottom right corner of the application. If you click the notification, it will open the related nest detail view.

Item Name Description
Toast Notification Click anywhere on the notification to open the related nest detail view.
Email PDF Report Generates a PDF report of the nest and attaches it to a new email ready to be sent.

A notification is only visible for a few seconds. If it disappeared before you interacted with it, it will become available in the notifications indicator in the bottom right of the status bar. Look for the notification bell. It will turn white when there are news notifications.

Clicking the notifications indicator will open the Notifications list view.

# Notifications List View

Item Name Description
New Notifications The list of new 'unseen' notifications. Double-click the notification you wish to see.
OK Close the dialog.
Dismiss Will set the selected notifications as 'seen'.
Dismiss All Will set the all notifications as 'seen' and close the dialog.

Notifications are automatically cleared when you exit the application. But the nests will still be available in the Nests module.