# Order TSV File


With the Import Orders action, you can load orders from any ERP system by importing an order TSV file. The TSV (tab-separated values) file format contains plain text data separated by tabs, with each line representing an order line. The file name without the extension will become the order identifier: Order-12345.tsv would generate a new order with the Order-12345 identifier.

To be a valid order TSV file, the file must follow these rules:

  • The file name without the extension should be unique and have no existing order with the same identifier.
  • The first line of the file should be the header line with the name of the columns Item and Quantity separated by a tab character.
  • The Item column values must match an existing kit or part identifier.
  • The Quantity column values are whole numbers greater than zero.

Example of a valid TSV order file named Order-12345.tsv

Item	Quantity
Part-1	5
Part-2	10
Part-3	15
Kit-1	5
Kit-2	5
Part-1	5

Will generate this order: