# Attach a Document


The document explorer lets you attach copies of popular office documents to Parts and Materials. Attached documents are embedded in the NIO database and can be viewed directly in NIO.

# How to attach a document?

  1. From a Part or Material detail view. The Documentation Explorer pane.

  2. Click the Attach Files action.

  3. A file browser will appear. Select one or multiple documents you wish to attach. Supported file formats include PDF, Word, Excel, Rich Text, Text, Bitmap, PNG, JPEG

  4. When the documents are loaded. You will see a preview of the selected document.

Item Name Description
Document List The list of embedded documents. Click the document you wish to see in the viewer.
Attach Files Opens a file browser and allows to select one or multiple file to embed.
Open Opens the selected embedded document in the system's default application.
Save As Allows you to save the selected attachments to your system.
Delete Delete the selected embedded documents.
Document Type The type of document that is embedded. You can configure a list of predefined values.
File Name The name of the embedded file.
Viewer View the selected document. Click to pan. Scroll with the mouse wheel. Right-click to print or rotate.