# Materials


A Material defines what a part is made of. It needs at least one thickness defined and can have as many unique thicknesses as needed.

# Materials Module

From the Material module you can create, copy, edit, and delete materials.

The Materials module can be accessed from the View tab and the Modules drop down.

Item Name Description
New Material Create a new material starting from the empty template.
Copy Material Create a new material by copying an existing one.
Open Opens the detail view of the selected material. This is the equivalent of double-clicking a row in the list view.
Delete Deletes the selected material.

# Materials List View

Double-click to open the material you wish to view or edit.

# Material Detail View

Edit an existing material or enter the information to define a new one.

Item Name Description
Name A meaningful name to uniquely identify this material. Example: 'Aluminum 3003-H14'.
Description Optional additional information to describe this material.
Category The material category from which this material is part of.
Density Optional density of the material. If specified will serve to automatically calculate the weight of parts and sheets.
Reversible A material is considered reversible if it is identical on both sides. If it is not reversible, at least one of Side A or Side B must be defined to distinguish one side from the other.
Side A The unique characteristics defining this non-reversible material side. Side A is typically the 'This side up' to identify which side is facing up when placing the material on the machine.
Side B The unique characteristics defining this non-reversible material side.
Nesting Parameters The default nesting parameters to use with that material. This can be overridden per nesting job.
Constraints The default part constraints that parts using that material should use. This can be overridden per part.
Thicknesses The list of unique material thickness this material is available in.
Documentation Use the document explorer to attach documentation related to that material. MSDS, data sheets, handling instructions, etc.