# Nest Jobs


When launching a nesting operation, the list of required parts is compiled and one Nest Job is created per material. The nest job acts as the link between orders and nests. It is the information sent to the nesting engine: the nesting parameters, the list of available material formats for the simulation, and the required parts with quantities.

# Customizing the Material List

By default, the nest job will show an infinite quantity of each sheet format from that material. You can configure the material list to mimic specific scenarios of available stocks. Specify which stock should be used first, by reordering the formats. This is very useful to determine if you have enough stock on hand to produce a specific order.

# Customizing the Part List

By default, the nest job will have the exact quantity of each part ordered. You can add or remove parts and change quantities to allow special circumstances. Producing more or less parts than the ordered quantity will result in partial or overproduced orders.

# Nest Job Detail Views

Item Name Description
Nest Job List The list of nest job that are about to be queued. Click to select one and configure their material, parts and nesting parameters.
Material List Collection of Job Material Line. The ordered list of sheet formats and their available quantities for the nesting operation.
ID The unique identifier for the nest job.
Description Optional additional information to describe this nest job.
Material The material for this nest job. Changing this value will reload the list of available sheet formats.
Parameters The nesting parameters that will be used for the nesting operation.
Part List Collection of Job Part Line. The list of parts and their quantities required to fulfill the orders.
OK Queue the nest jobs and close the dialog. You can monitor the nesting operation running in the background using the running jobs indicator.
Cancel Cancel any change and close the dialog.