# Orders


An Order is a list of items and quantities to be produced. To be nestable, an order must at least contain one line. It can contain multiple kits and/or parts made of the same or different materials. When an order is sent to be nested, one nest job per unique material in the order is created. An order is editable while it is as a draft status. As soon as the order is queued to be nested, it cannot be modified.

# Orders Module

From the Orders module, you can create, copy, import, edit, and delete orders. This is also where you send them for nesting using the dedicated actions.

The **Orders **module can be accessed from the View tab, and the Modules drop down.

Item Name Description
New Order Create a new order starting from the empty template.
Copy Order Create new order by copying an existing one.
Import Orders Import orders from your ERP system. Opens a file browser to select CSV or TSV order files.
Open Opens the detail view of the selected order. This is the equivalent of double-clicking a row in the list view.
Delete Deletes the selected orders.
Merge and Start Nesting Compiles the selected draft orders and generates one nest job per material.
Start Nesting Creates one nest job per material per selected order.

# Orders List View

Double-click to open the order you wish to view or edit.

# Order Detail View

Edit an existing draft order or enter the information to define a new one.

Item Name Description
ID The unique identifier of the order. This typically matches your work order number.
Description Optional additional information to describe this order.
Status An order can have one of the following statuses: Draft, Queued, Processing, Partial or Fulfilled
Material Quantity The quantity of unique materials used by the items of this order.
Part Quantity The total quantity of parts composing this order.
Nested Quantity The total quantity of nested parts.
Items List Collection of order lines. The list of items composing this order. Items can be parts or kits.
Nested Part List The list of parts that were nested.

# Order Statuses

An order can have one of the following statuses:

  1. Draft A draft order is still editable, and the item list and quantities can be modified.
  2. Queued The order is locked and its nesting jobs are queued waiting to be processed.
  3. Processing The nesting jobs are currently being processed.
  4. Partial The nesting operation was completed successfully, but some parts have not been nested. Causes could be there was not enough material or the part did not fit on any sheets.
  5. Fulfilled The nesting operation completed successfully and all ordered parts have been placed on the nesting result.